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Notice to the ASO Community on Rejection Action to ICANN Board Resolution on IANA FY24 Operating Pla


The ICANN Board of Directors approved the IANA FY24 Operating Plan and Budget. The resolution...

Public Holiday on 22 March 2023


     Please note that 22 March 2023 is a public holiday in Mauritius.  AFRINIC Offices shall be closed on...

The risk of sharing your credentials to third parties


This is to alert AFRINIC Resource Members of a misleading email communication from purported...

The top five African countries AFRINIC supported in IPv6 and other Internet Techonoligies deployment


AFRINIC has been a beacon of support for network operators in Africa, offering expert guidance and...

Choosing the Right Transition
Technique for Your IPv6 Deployment

Internet Routing Registry
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DNS Abuse
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