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African DNS support programme (AfDSP)

African DNS support programme (AfDSP)


The DNS is one of the main components of AFRINIC services, specifically reverse DNS services for IP addresses as defined in RFC 1033 and RFC 3152.

Recent development has led all RIR to host servers for the IN-ADDR.ARPA and IP6.ARPA zones, according to RFC 5855."

To support this increased responsibility, AFRINIC is building a scalable, robust and resilient DNS infrastructure and service to serve the region. This consists of redundant interlinked stand-alone and Anycast network infrastructure distributed across the African continent. The distributed nature of AFRINIC’s DNS infrastructure will enhance DNS reachability and resolution process due to its close proximity to end-users, therefore enhancing the users’ Internet experience.

AFRINIC has launched its African DNS support programme. The service is available immediately to ccTLD and Critical Internet Infrastructure(1) operators in the African region. AFRINIC will provide slave/secondary DNS services on its infrastructure, at no cost to the operator, as a part of this project.

AFRINIC will not manage zones, nor be responsible for their content but will merely act as a slave/secondary service provider, and only serve zone data replicated from, and published by the zone’s master/primary server. 


How to participate?

 If you are interested in this project email us at dns-admin[at] to request more information. 

Take special care to mention the ccTLD, or portion of Critical Internet Infrastructure in Africa that you represent, and would want to see included in the project. 

The AfDSP is a complementary project to the African Root Server Copy Project (AfRSCP), also run by AFRINIC.


(1) For the purposes of this document, Critical Internet Infrastructure is as defined in the CPM


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