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The African Internet Governance and ICT Initiatives Development Program

On a global scale, the leaders are now harnessing the power of the Internet to drive growth in nearly any area of life, AFRICA does not escape from this reality. Over the past decade, the Internet has transformed education, healthcare, and public services, bringing the benefits of digital connectivity to millions of people across the continent.

However, as the Internet continues to evolve, it is essential to ensure its long-term sustainability, stability, and security. This program leverages the skills and experiences of our stakeholders in Internet Governance and other fields, ensuring that they take an active part in global Internet governance discussions.

AFRINIC, supports national and regional Internet Governance Forums and other Internet-related Initiatives that maximize the opportunity for an open and inclusive dialogue between Internet stakeholders. By working together, we are building a more resilient and robust Internet that serves the needs of all Africans.

Our Internet Governance and ICT development program offers a comprehensive range of activities, including
  1. The AFRINIC Internet Governance School, which provides training and capacity-building opportunities for individuals and organizations interested in Internet governance;
  2. Financial assistance to regional organizations and projects that support the creation and application of cutting-edge Internet technology solutions through our Internet Technology and Development Fund.
Africa's digital future depends on the continued growth and development of the Internet. By supporting developing institutions and people in the area of Internet Governance, we are ensuring that Africa can continue to benefit from the transformative power of the Internet. We invite you to join us in this mission by learning more about our Internet Governance and ICT Development Program and how you can get involved in shaping the future of the Internet in Africa.

Other Initiatives

Diversity ICT
Critical Infrastructure
Technical Community
The Fellowship Program
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