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AFRINIC Agile Products Roadmap

We have launched the MyAFRINIC-V2 Alpha is now available


On 20 Dec 2021, we did a soft launch of MyAFRINIC V2, the Alpha RC-1 version.

If you have an account and access to the V1, you can already access the alpha release on our release candidate environment with your production credentials at

Our vision of MyAFRINIC V2 revolves around how we can make the Internet better by empowering our customers.

Questions we ask every day;

  • Does MyAFRINIC make our Members’ life easier?
  • Does AFRINIC benefit AFRINIC Hostmasters and Customer Service with better tools?
  • Does MyAFRINIC make our community use our services smoothly?

As we are working towards the final “go-live” of MyAFRINIC V2, we have prepared an alpha version for our beta testers to test and give us feedback.

How can you shape the product for your need?

  1. Review the current list of features and provide feedback
  2. Vote for the feature based on your needs
  3. Request new features
  4. Report an issue or difficulty that you are facing with any of our current systems in production.

Become a Beta Tester

As you enrol as Beta testers you will get early access to new features to be able to provide feedback on the roadmap proposed features and ideas for the next generation myAFRINIC?Test and give feedback on the beta release

14.02.22 MyAFRINIC V2 Alpha release 2 is ready(RC-2)

What is new in the RC-2 Alpha release?

We have made some improvements based on the feedback we received from our users and the major feature release is for child objects management for object type: Assignments

Here are the changes in the RC-2 Increment:

  • Child object management: Assignments - You can now see the child objects under the Allocated PA issued to your organisation.
  • Automated sync of alpha release with Production data - There is a daily automated sync of data that now happens between the MyAFRINIC production and the release candidate. This means you can see an updated view of your account on MyAFRINIC v2 Alpha

20.12.21 We have launched the MyAFRINIC-V2 Alpha (RC-1)

What is in this RC1 Alpha release?

The 20 December 2021 release is a “bare-bone” version of MyAFRINIC v2 where some of the basic functions are available while others are still in the development stage.

Here are some of the top changes in the new version of MyAFRINIC that we think you will enjoy:

  • You will have more details on your account - You can see all the details of your resources from a central dashboard and easily navigate through issues on your account.
  • Billing - All billing information is now more intuitive as you can now filter the unpaid bills, choose to do part payments and generate your statement of account.
  • Sanity checks on your account and IP resources - Based on our policies (CPM) and the best practices that we strongly recommend Refreshing the dataset is done every 24 hours.
  • Get more done with fewer clicks - We have reduced the number of clicks required for you to see all the important details of your account as soon as you land on your account.
  • New experience - We have revamped the design of MyAFRINIC for a better experience. You can use the guided tour to see more details on the platform. Yes, our dark mode is worth a try :)
  • Enhanced Security - We are constantly improving the overall security of the portal to ensure you are well protected from prying eyes and malicious actions.
  • Multi-language support - We are currently experimenting with a French translation of the portal.
  • User account management - You can customise your account details, preferences and security details.
  • Quick actions - Access all parts of the portal easily at a click and complete your actions with ease 

Known Issues with MyAFRINIC V2 Alpha

Below are the known issues and bugs on the current alpha release

  • Multi-language support - The French translation may miss out on some part of the portal
  • Mobile and smaller screen compatibility - While MyAFRINIC supports mobile and smaller screens, we are refining the small glitches you might see on these screens.
  • Overall look and feel - are continuously being improved to meet your convenience.
  • Pop up listing issues - on your account is reported blank for some members.
  • Quick actions - Not fully working as we have various pages under construction.
  • Issues with your login - Since the current version is not in real-time sync with the production environment, you may have issues logging in, in case you change your password or 2FA details. Try with the previous details or write to us if you are having any issues.
  • Sanity checks and policy dashboard - has an erratic behaviour for some members and big resources such as /20 IPv4 and above.
  • Missing contact information - on your landing page after you log in such as country, phone number etc.


MyAFRINIC V2 Alpha, what is coming next?


What to expect next on MyAFRINIC V2 Alpha

  • Multi-language support: Complete French translation of the portal and an experiment to support a third language.
  • Better child object management We are working to make the management of child objects(IRR, rDNS, RPKI, assignments and sub-allocations) easier than ever.
  • Easy request IP resources as a member you will no longer have to juggle between different forms to request for more resources from AFRINIC.
  • Reduce the number of sign up systems: New Member Registration Portal (NMRP) and Associate member portal integration. This means you will have a one-stop shop for all your membership and IP needs as a prospective member.

We are passionate about this challenging journey and we choose to believe that we can do it together with you. Join us!


Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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